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Your Media Services leverages World-Class Name Brand Custom Hosting Platforms to provide any imaginable type of hosting from Shared, VPS, Cloud to Dedicated Hosting.  


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Custom Web Hosting

We partnered with the Best-of-the-Best Hosting Providers and with our proprietary software that enables platform making our up time 99.93 5 on all our deliverable,

Custom Email Services

We can provide 1 to unlimted emails and we also provide email automation and management services. Inquiry with us it;s free.

Custom Online Store

We can build and host your ecommerce or online store. It is critical to get right. If you are not in expert in any area consider giving us a call to help and we offer a free consultation

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Your Media Hosting Packages are very aggressive and offer more options and customized options than almost any other provider on the planet.  There is a great reason for this so consider giving us a call, chat with us or send us an email if you find that you want the best package at the most aggressive rates. 

  • 1 Website
  • 100 GB Storage Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Free Domain
  • 2 GB RAM
  • $50 Marketing Offers
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 500 Email Storage
  • Unlimited Website
  • Unmetered Storage Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Free Domain
  • 4 GB RAM
  • $200 Marketing Offers
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Email Storage
  • Spam Experts
  • Dedicated IP
Business Pro
  • Unlimited Website
  • Unmetered Storage Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Free Domain
  • 6 GB RAM
  • $200 Marketing Offers
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Email Storage
  • Spam Experts
  • Dedicated IP
  • SSL Certificate
  • Domain Privacy
  • Site Backup + Restore

Our excellent


Get the performance you need with the features you want. If you want to provide unparalleled value to your customers and let us show you how we have dones so for so many of Your Media Services Hosting Clients. 

Commitment to Open Source

Our Developers are versed in almost every protocol you can think of

Unlimited Disk Storage

Some of our hosting packages offers unlimited data, inuiry to learn more.

There For You as You Grow

As you grow you want your solution to be scalable so its's always a seamless, transparent process

Web-Based Control Panel

We provide our clients with Cpanels and we can manage as little to as much as you would like is to

Investments in Technology

We employ AI, machine learning and with our world-class partners we have the very best technology

Customer Service

A knowledgeable technician will always pick up the phone, liisten carefully and assist in every way.

Why Choose

Our Company

We have a direct-level partnership with a variety or World-Class Name Brand Hosting Companies and we are at the highest-level.  What this means, is we have a huge selection of providers and that offers you an unprecedented advantage to attain custom hosting solution, email, website, online store solutions that are not possible with just one hosting company. 

Today that is a must in order for any company to attain a tremendous advantage over their competitors, offer enhanced product and services offerings, provide unheard of benefits to your clients, and all of it is more affordable than most traditional solutions with all best in class warranties and guarantees.  We made this happen as we see that market conditions dictate custom solutions are a necessity, not a nicety. 

In today online evolving competitive online digital landscape, market conditions change so rapidly,  all businesses should take a proactive approach with innovative strategies and always implement best practices. 

 In addition, our custom solutions  outwit competitors, and it all under-priced. Equally as important, you will have world-class support 24 by 7 by 365 days a year by our team of in-house expertise.  Our Team is not just experts in hosting but in digital marketing too which is an epic advantage, 


#1 in Transfers

#1 Industry Guarantee

#1 Domain Registrar

#1 Support Team


We are already ready to help with whatever you are looking to do and all your information , once authenticated is all in front of them.  Our Team has has assembled some of the best engineers, customer services account support, and master website and on line developers, content curators, pro marketers and advertisers, and SEO and SEO copyright experts. 

Whatever your goal, consider Your Media Services, and take a deep dive in seeing how our offerings are a tremendous asset and competitive advantage in every industry.  Our Hosting Solutions are World-Class.  The reason this is possible is we partnered with the top-Tier hosting companies with full access to their products, support, network and team; all of it saves you money, time and effort. 

Create a pro


If you are looking for a website or an online store that the search engines love and where your visitors, prospects, and clients are enveloped by the rich-content. media, and assets  all with intuitive navigation, consider speaking with us.   Whatever the intent you want your visitors to take the action you desire from filling out forms to buying with comfort it all is part of providing a user interface and user experience for an immersive user experience. We an industry leader.  And Your Media Services Hosting a free consultation.

Easy to use

All our products and services are easy and intutive. Inaddtion we can priovide the support you need with just a phone call, email or chat,

Customizable Designs

Your Media Hosting has in-house expertise to provide you with revolutionary and stunning designs for any project. We offer all free and paid tools if this is one of your core competencies

Free Domain

We offer free domains depending on the top level domain that you chose when you select from one of our promotional hosting and support packages

eCommerce Solution

We ask you to consider speaking to one of our specialists for uncovering the best ways to implement the best strategies for your ecommerce solution. Outwit competition and thrive on the online universe.

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